06. 10. 2006

Cuba Libre

Petr Horký, Mirek Náplava

The book won the prestigious international literature prize of Egon Erwin Kisch.

Cuba Libre is a book full of freedom, and the joy and thirst…for life. And, understandably, also thirst for Cuban rum and an appreciation of one’s life. Mirek Náplava and I have set out to the exotic island of the Caribbean, Cuba, five times in total.

Five years on the “Island of Freedom” does not leave anyone cold. Even though we only spent about a month on the island each time we visited during those five years, the land and its people will stay in your head and heart forever.

When we started writing, Mirek Náplava and I discovered two basic facts: firstly, we did not feel that information available on Cuba at home is always that objective (careful, we are no admirers of communism, no chance!); secondly, that the connection between Cuba and women is definite…

Excerpt from the book:
I perceive Cuba as a woman. In my mind, each country I have visited is connected with a certain experience, typical scent or a feeling that I gained there. My memory also differentiates countries according to how I felt in them. In my mind, the Maldives are blue and evoke the feeling of cleanness; Mongolia and the Gobi desert are freedom, the pungent smell of mutton meat and horses. Beautiful women and playful joy are connected with Polynesia and … Cuba. And so we dedicated this book to women and it is women we mainly write about. At the end of the day, can anyone come up with a better topic than women?

Year published: 2006