18. 10. 2007

Pursuit of a giant worm and other adventures

Petr Horký, Mirek Náplava

A story of many tense and both literally and figuratively “hot” moments experienced by the authors on their journey.

Reading some of the stories will probably make your hair rise with horror – for instance, the story of how our adventures tried to take photos of a man-eating shark from quite a small distance… A book for everyone who likes to travel and is not scared of unexpected situations. Supplemented by photos from the travels and comics mini-stories.

Excerpt from the book:
We did not even get to hear a ringing tone this time – but our money was lost forever again. “Sorry, mister, are you looking for a telephone to make a call to Europe?”, a short-ish man in perfectly clean clothes asked. It was as if we were talking about him a little while ago. We could tell that those trousers and shirt may have been the only clothes he had, and he therefore treated them with appropriate anxious care.
“Yes, we would like to, do you know which telephone works?”
“I do, it’s my job.”
“Your job? Do you work for a telecommunications company?”
“No, I’m from here, but I make my living from knowing which telephone foreigners can use. If you give me only one tenth of what you have just lost, you will be able to make calls with no problems from now on.”
“Well, why not. We have had enough grief, and if you are right, you deserve your money. As soon as we have finished our call with Europe and everything works fine, your remuneration is certain.” The chap nodded death-seriously and started walking. We weaved between houses for good ten minutes before our guide stopped in front of a battered apparatus that could have been about thirty years old. “Here you go, you will get through from this telephone.” He was right. “I am saving my money for now, but one day, one day I will be rich.” “Yes? And what will you do then?” “When I have enough money, I will pay the hotel receptionist, and he will let me wash guests’ car windows. You can make a fortune there! Guests in cars are rich and they give different sort of money than those who call home from payphones…”

Year published: 2007