18. 07. 2020


unconventional award ceremony durong COVID time…

Sure, the coronavirus epidemic has touched the lives of everyone in the world, including, for example, the natives of Papua New Guinea (where I was supposed to go and didn’t because of the quarantine…). But there were some positive consequences. The annual awards ceremony for the King of the White Track, i.e. the best Czech skiers, had to be cancelled. But the committee of the Czech Ski Association had the courage (I call it balls – sorry suffragettes, you’re on my private website) and asked me if I could do something different. Well, you know I did, gladly. I worked out a few ideas, called a friend who came to mind right from the start (yep, you know him, it’s Jan Budar) and we started shooting. Hats off to what ski ravers are (and what they are)! And so if you want to see, for example, how the best Czech jumper Koudelka is guarding the barrier at Žofín, how coach Bank works as a driver for hire, how world champion Eva Samkova mops the floor and olympic golden medailist Ester Ledecká runs for us at Letná city park (do you run there too?), then watch it. I don’t think CT Sport has ever broadcast something like this before….