04. 10. 2022



I have been traveling around the world for twenty-five years. That’s a lot. That number scares me. And, true – as much as I considered my job a dream job in the beginning, I now sometimes turn down offers to travel, and I don’t even want to go out. Not perhaps because I’m not entertained or interested in the world, but because of how often filmmakers are already treated badly by the locals. How many times have they made the experience of filmmakers filming something and then lying about it, then sending back a media lie to the locals for their kindness. I know this, which is why I sometimes have sympathy for the hostility of those who find themselves in front of our lens.

In 2015 I was filming in Abusir, Egypt with Czech archaeologists and one evening we smoked shisha together with their boss, Prof. Miroslav Barta. I think we were both surprised that our experiences of the world and of science were meeting… We ended up high-fiving a few months later and embarking on a distribution film about how the world and human civilizations are changing. We started traveling together all over the world – from the Amazon Indians to Easter Island to Europe. We met people like Jane Goodall and John Tainter. And we’re making a film out of it – not about the end of the world and how we’re going to end up badly (as many people claim), but about how the world and its future has always been decided by living people – not those who have died, not those who have not yet been born – yes, that’s us. The future will be what we make it…