20. 04. 2020


TV series 6×26 min

Adam Ondra is number one in the world of mountaineering. Lets see him in the most difficult alpine routes on Balkan.
I always say that dreams come true, but their reality is completely different than the original idea… and so it was with the series with Adam Ondra. Getting a call from a TV producer offering to shoot with one (of the three? four?) best climbers in the world is really the stuff of dreams. Then, true, you postpone and renounce the work for a year ahead, but you don’t regret the trouble you put on your hump until the last moment. We crossed the Balkans, filmed Adam being the first in the world to climb nine walls, and then we turned it into a six-part series that broke ratings records during its broadcast and on the web. You guys are awesome, thank you, Adam is a banger and it’s a blast to share those experiences with viewers! It was cool, but it was awesome! I don’t regret one minute I was there.