01. 11. 2019


shooting 3D a 360° videos

Filming on the excavations of Czech Egyptologists in Abusir is always a rewarding job. This time, however, it was a very special matter. While I always shoot something that an ordinary person will never see, because the discovered tombs and objects are not accessible to foreigners and tourists, this time we had a slightly different task. We filmed everything just for those who would like to see these inaccessible places!

For 2020, an exhibition of the Sun Kings is planned at the Czech National Museum, which will present Czech Egyptology. Jan Fulík, the Czech ambassador to Egypt, stated that this is an exhibition that no one has seen in the Czech Republic and none of us will see it for the second time in our lives. The current head of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, Prof. Miroslav Bárta, is more modest, but to my direct question he admits that they would like to show the maximum for the centenary of Czech Egyptology.

That’s why we were on the spot in a special crew this time. Cameraman Ferda Mazurek shot classic 2D shots. Evžen Janoušek processed 360° tours of unique spaces, and Marek Audy shot special 3D shots for future visitors to exhibitions. Look forward, we do everything for, we have brought you Egypt to Prague. We are looking for ourselves who can become beautifully decorated spaces and think about how they proved it about 4,000 years ago ..?