21. 09. 2023

Ukraine – Interviews, Myths and Facts

Petr Horký

Immediately after the Russian army invaded Ukraine, I found myself in need of information: what is the story of Vladimir Putin, what is the story of Volodymyr Zelensky? What is the story of the threat to nuclear power plants and what is the story of nuclear weapons? Does Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and President Putin even have an adequate partner in the field of international politics? How can the outside world be expected to behave? What exactly is a “war crime”? What about the Banderovtsy and what the historical story of Ukraine looks like – when Putin talks about it never having existed as a state, is he right, or is he actually committing (verbal) genocide with that very sentence, because he is erasing a self-governing nation?

It was a lot of questions I couldn’t answer and there was a jumble of conflicting information on the internet. If I wanted to get to something valid, valid, I had to find the desired experts myself. And so a series of interviews was created for my YouTube channel – the series was called “Ukraine – Special Edition” – in a few weeks this series has gathered more than half a million views. So obviously more people were concerned about similar issues than just me.

Among the personalities who answered my questions were the current President Petr Pavel, international law expert and later Minister of Education Vladimir Balash, historian Michal Stehlík, experts on Ukrainian history from Charles University Stanislav Tumis and Marek Příhoda, nuclear energy expert Dana Drábová, former Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic Cyril Svoboda, war reporter Lenka Klicperová and others.


We have 80% rating on the Czech books database (which seems like a miracle to me, given the pro-Russian clique…:-), I’m picking at random:

“Thanks to these collected interviews with experts, I got an overview of how things are with Ukraine and Russia in historical and other contexts. Petr Horky had previously impressed me as a traveller and now he has convinced me of his other qualities.”

“This is a fine work, focused mostly on historical facts and putting those facts in context.”


Published by CPress, 2022

p.s.: It amused me how some sellers simply have me classified as a travel writer (inu my other work is not so much written about as travel), so they sometimes classify it as a travelogue…