03. 03. 2024

Hausbot – Interviews about life and satisfaction

Petr Horký

During my work and travels around the world, I meet elders of all kinds of tribes – even our own, European or Euro-American. And so I have been able to talk with Jane Goodall, Steve Jobs’ coach, Robert Fulghum, or Anna Hogenova, Nora Vlášková, Jan Hnízdil, Václav Cílek, and many others. This book is a selection of the most interesting (and funniest) interviews from my YouTube and podcast channel Hausbot. Even for myself, putting them together in a book suddenly revealed interesting connections and connections. It’s out in the world! I recommend it! What those wise and famous people say in there has improved my life too, so why not yours?


We’re at 92% on the Book Database, and I’m picking a comment here:

„Great selection of personalities – different fields, different topics, all topical!“


Published by Euromedia, Prima ZOOM and PiranhaFilm