18. 04. 1996

Two journeys to archeology

Petr Horký, Mirek Náplava

Our very first book put together with Mirek Náplava! Those blissful memories from a time when I presented the children’s programmes Oáza and Pyramida on the TV ☺

When I look at it today, I feel a bit self-conscious about those photographs with myself in them, but I would still cut my right arm off for the text. The most important thing we wanted to communicate is that adventure can take place anywhere in the world, literally anywhere. What is fundamental are the thoughts of the person who wants to experience something.

Thor Heyerdahl confirmed the same thing to me later when, whilst making a film, he told me: “There are still heaps of things to be discovered in the world, things to be found.” I become aware of this whenever I work on an exhibition or when I simply set off on a family trip to let’s say Malá skála. The axis of this story is our trip from the mysterious Bull Rock with its archaeological finds in the Moravian Karst to Crete in Greece with its Minotaur myth and back to Moravia, to further questions about the old massacre by the Bull Rock…

Lucie Kutějová took care of the graphics of the book and she did a very good job. Judging by reviews and reactions of children, everything worked as it should…