Temba Bhote was born in 1979, he is a mountain man from the Makalu region and he is one of Nepal’s foremost high-altitude mountaineers and expedition leaders. During his 21 years span of mountaineering experience, Temba led more than 22 successful expeditions on 8000-meter Mountains. Temba guided his first 8000m expedition to Mt. Everest. Apart from his nine times on the Top of the world, the most significant summits were winter K2 and Winter Naga Parbat Rupa Face. His recent leading role was together with 14 Summits Expedition, Honza Travnicek on Mt. Amadablam and Mt. Manaslu expedition in 2022. His exceptional understanding of mountain climate and exact judgment in choosing a perfect mountain summit weather conditions, made him one of the most reliable expedition leaders in Nepal.

Today I will be discussing with my guests the evolution and shift of Himalayan mountaineering. Hear visions from one of the most experienced climbers. His perspective will come as a surprise to many people.