21. 11. 2017

Century of Miroslav Zikmund

M. Zikmund, P. Horký, M. Náplava, V. Kroc

A book about what we all have for free, but it is priceless, unattainable. A book about the time we have been given and how we use it…
When I finished the film of the same name in 2014, I thought it would be a shame not to use the material we had filmed but didn’t fit into the edit. I planned to hire an editor to put it all together, write it up, and have the book out by the plum of the same year. As if I didn’t know Miroslav Zikmund! No editor, no simple folding and writing! THREE YEARS(!) of detailed work on previously unpublished archival material to create a “travelogue through life”. By the fact that Miroslav Zikmund was born a few months after the founding of Czechoslovakia, it is also the story of our country told on the surface of one man’s life.